Building Brands

That Change

Our Future

People’s person, film lover, outdoorsman. That’s me.

Storytelling has always played a large role in my life. I was that curious kid running around taking photos of strangers and inventing their life stories.

Now, many years later I help brands and social enterprises to reinvent their story. Together we can change people’s behavior in a positive way. With over ten years experience in advertising and communication I have seen how brands can impact our society. Luckily, a new narrative is being told. A narrative of fair and sustainable business. 

I applaud the community of changemakers that use business as a force for good. By supporting them with my expertise I hope to contribute to a better future. After all, there is so much beauty around us worth cherishing. 

My experience in working with many different impact brands and agencies have broadened my vision on branding. I am able to oversee the bigger picture and feel comfortable working with different people on different projects.

Let’s Build Brands That Change Our Future.

Raoul Oei

What I Do


What are your beliefs? What is your intention? The brands that inspire me have changed from the inside out. I believe that a strategy finds its origin in the core values of your organization. Understanding yourself first should help to create a brand story that resonates with your community. Result: it makes people want to join your mission for a better world. Find out how I steer towards a successful communication strategy.

- Brand story
- Tone of voice
- Communication strategy
- Content strategy


Your brand is ready to create a movement. Let’s speak out, now is the time. The power of storytelling can change people’s behavior. It can give your brand the attention it deserves. I navigate brands through the process from concepting to media distribution. Depending on the scope of the brief I can add specialists to the project while I oversee the bigger picture.
Find out how I develop campaigns that build a movement.

- Concepts
- Content creation
- Content production
- Events